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An Hllusteated Hlagazine




Dr, C. O. WHITMAN, Dr. C. E. Bessey, THoMAs WILSON, Pror. C, M. WEED, ProF. W. S. BAYLEY, Pror. E. A. ANDREWS.

VOLUME XXVIII. Jan. Jue (69 Mo. Bot. Garden, l





Srnci fs some Cases of Apparent Transmission of Mutilations. Dr, O. von

Certain pe Heaps of the M ass s River, Florida, hitherto unexplored (II- ustrated i CGB M

i jonesii; A sreaions supposed to be new, feoi Cold Spring Har-

r, Long Island (Illustrated). HENRY L. Osporn and C, W, HAR


Courtship among the Flies, J. M. ALDRICH......

Some Recent Chemico-Physiological Discoveries Regarding the Cell, P. H. CRITTENDEN

The Classification of the Arthropoda. J. S. KINGSLEY 118

The Range of the Crossbills in T pag g aA with Notes on their Unusual Occurrence in T

The Energy of Evolut E 3 COPE

On a Small Collection pe Vertebrate Fossils from the Loup Fork Beds of Northwestern Nebraska, with Note on the Geology of the Region (Il- lustrated). J. B. HATCHE ER

Whence Came the Cultivated Strawberry? L., H. BAILE

The Parasitic Protozoa Found in Cancerous Diseases PARR ALICE BoDINGTON

The Anen. of AEA toward Foreign Substances (Illustrated). E. J.

The Waki Tussock-Moth yet betes sivas daa Smith and ae in

Notes on a Species of ep a ( state) F. L. HARVEY The Meaning of Tree- HL Unusual Flights of the Ae E (Tes as lateralis Say) in AOS ern Illinois "aem J. L. HANCOCK A Glacial Ice Dam a Limit to the Ice Sheet in Central Ohio (Illustrated). W.G T


Animal Mechanics. Dr, M. Miles

The Origin of Pelagic Life (From ProF. W. E. BROOKS)........ ...2.-.-0s00000+

The Origin of the Vertebrate Skeleton, J. S. KINGSLEY

Variation of Etheostoma caprodes ga get W. J. MOENKHAUS.... ckism and Neo-Darwinism, L. H. B

roians Pollination (Iustrated). J. L. Hancock

iv The American Naturalist. [Vol. XXVIII,

The Origin of the Subterranean Fauna of North America (Illustrated). A, S. PACKARD

The Numerical Intensity of Faunas. L. P, GRATACAP The REEE of the Wing of Sterna wilsonii (Illustrated). V.J. LEIGH-

A ee rams Jamaican Naturalist, Dr. Anthony Robinson. T. D. A. COCK- ERELL

The Classification of Snakes rpi E. D. Core

Limits of Biological Experime Dr. M. MILES

Abalone or Haliotis Shells of E Califórnia Epea M. B. WILLIAMSON........

The Duration of Niagara Falls. Dr. J. W. NCER

The Mechanical Cause of Apa in the tae a the Shells of Gasteropoda, (Illustrated). W. H.

Some Birds of Paradise from ron Guinea A G. S. MEAD

The Nri of Hypnotism, Jas. WEIR, M. D

Rules of Nomenclature Adopted by the aaa Zoological Congress,

Moscow, Russia, 1892, Moritz FISCHER Prairie and Wild Pigeon in Jackson Co., Michigan, 1894. L. W.

POPP eeeees Seeeeeees

guaeny * Time Divisible in Three Periods—The Lafayette, Glacial and Rec Ww

The Sasa of the Uredinez (The Rusts) (Illustrated), C. E. BESSEY.. On the Evolution ofthe Art ` uisg in Stone. A Preliminary Paper by J. D. McGuire. C. H. Zoology in the High School. Mw. EDITORIALS.—The Languages in Peg 38; Philadelphia and the Chicago Exhibit, 38 ; The most Useful Citizen, 39; A Word to our Exchanges and Correspondents, 39; City Postal Boxes, 249 ; The Congress of Zo- ol at Moscow, 249; The Days after the Chicago Exposition, 249; The Allis Laboratory, 250; City Parks, 399; Madacascariensis, 399; Poachers in the National Parks, 400; The Sundry Civil Bill, 400; The U. S. National Academy of Sciences, 494; The Propisi National Academy of Science and Art, 495 ; The Haeckel Celebration, 496 ; The U. S. Geological Survey, 684; The Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, 685; The American Association, 781; The Tariffon Books and Appara-

Destruction of the Palisades, 783; A Museum Doorway, 937 Newspaper Mendacity, 937; Lieutenant Peary, 938; The Flavor of

, 989; Parity of Vertebrates, 989; The International Congress of Zürih, 1011; The Publications of Raiiisjiie, 1011; The Botani- cal Society of America, 1012; Biology in the University of Texas, 1013; Dates of Issue of the Naturalist, . RECENT BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS.—40, 147, 251, 329, 401, 497, 589, 687, 784,

863, 940. RECENT sguningy= Se Second and Concluding Part of J. Roth’s Allge- meine und Chemische Geologie, 43; Our Household Insects, 43;

Horns and Hoofs, 44; Zirkel’s Text-Books of Petrography, 150; Zim- merman’s Botanical Microtechnique, 152; The Letters of Asa Gray,





153; Orr’s Theory of Development and Heredity, 154; The Wilder Quarter-Century Book, 156; The Canadian Ice Age, 254; The Mol- lusc-Fauna of the Galapagos Islands, 255; An Examination of Weis-. mannism, 257 ; Extinct Monsters, 259; Chapman on the Birds of the Island of Trinidad, 332; Memoirs of the National Academy of Science, Vol. V1, 333; A Dictionary of Bird cues Eleventh Report of the State Mineralogist of California, $853 A ual Report of the Canadian Geological Survey, 1890-91, 336 ; isois. Annual Report of the Di- rector of the U. S. Geological Survey, 336; Annual Report of the New Jersey Geological Survey for 1892, 386; Marbles and Limestones of Arkansas, 337; On the Classification of the Myxosporidae, 404; Stiles, and Hassall’s Cestodes, 406; Clark’s Microscopical Methods, 409 Dodge’s Practical Biology, 409 ; The Wood’s Holl Lectures, 500; Re- port of the U. S. Fish Commissioner for 1889-91, 502; Mineral Resour-

of the U.S., 1892, 502; Gage’s Microscope and Microscopical Methods, 592; ' Shufeldt on Chapman’s Birds of Trinidad, 592; Annual Report Minnesota Natural aoe se for 1892, 573; The Genus Salpa, 690; Bateson’s Diction f Variation, 692; Louis Agassiz, his Life and Work, 746; Wiii. Ornithology, 787; Seeley on the Fossil Reptiles: II, Picttasadirns VI, The Anamed aa and their Allies; VIl, Further Observations on Pareiasaurus, 788; S on the M ali i

, 8 for 1892, 866; Marsh, on the Tertiary Artiodactyla, 867 ; cathe and the Ancestry of the Vertebrates, 943; Correlation Pipen of S. Geol. Survey, 944; Economic Geslaty of the U. S., 945; Van. Invertebrate Paleontology; Seitaro Goto, Studies on the Ectoparasitic Tre

GENERAL NOTES.— Geography and Travels.—The Ascent of Mt. St. Helens,

46 ; Source of the Mackenzie River, 49; The Grand Falls of Labrador, Antarctic Exploration

503; Geology ind Paleontology. oui Food Habit of the Plesiosarus, 50; The Texas

Region, 50; Terrestrial Submergence Southeast of the American Con- tinent, 51; Tropical Mioc sal Fossils in Siberia, 51; ronan Geology, 52; An Ex tinct Lemuroid from Madagascar, 52; Geo Ne

163, 267, 341, 416, 511, Tas 796, 884, 954, Jira The Geological Structure of the Mount Washington Mass of the Taconic Range, 158; Origin of the Pennsylvania Anthracite, 160; ae System in Can- ada, 161; Evidences of a Submergence of Wes rn Europe at the Close of the Glacial Period, 161 ; The Manus of eae 164; Trans- Pecos Texas, 263 ; Estimates of the Duration of the Glacial Epoch, 263 ;

Geology of Martha’s Vineyard, 265; Plistocene Birds of Madagascar, 266; Antennz in Trilobites, 266; Development of the Brachial Sup-

Fauna of the Caspian Sea, 338; Coasts of Bekring Sea and Vicinity,


vi The American Naturalist, [Vo]. XXVIII,

339; The Age of the oe Mammal ian Fauna of the Central Plateau of France, 339; Plistocene Diastrophism in the California Coast, 340; e Geology of the jenen Coail 411; Intrusive Dikes in Gran-

and Its Invertebrate Fauna, 510; New Polyzoans from the Be Cretaceous, 510; Sae, on Ameri rican Eocene Vertebrata in Switz- land, 594 ; Pi

ountai basca River, 880; American Te ertiary Aphidæ, 881; The Köiorntidk e kes in

; The Shasta- 1024; A Gypsum “‘ Cloche ; 1024; The Malaspina Glacier, 1027; Plistocene Problems in Missouri, 1027 ; Wortman on the Creodo nt om ofelis

Mineralogy ani Petrography.—The Granite of Santa Lucia, California, and

aN ock Variety Carmeolite, 57; The Ancient Rocks of Southern Finland, 58; Petrographical News, 58, 168, 421, 704, 800, 949, 1029; ineralogical News, 171 ; New Minerals, 59; Globular Granite in Finland, 166; The Inclusions in the Basalts of the Oberlansite, 166; ermometamorphism, The Ho of te, 109; The Effect Impurities in Crystallizing Solutions, 169 ; North Caro- lina Quartz Crystals, 1 New Books, Me sand Instruments, 172; e Eruptive Rocks of Cape Bonita, Cal., lurgite and Violan from St. M nal Plagioclase, 423 ; cynite in Gabbro, 423 l Constants of Topaz, 423; Eleolite Rocks rom Trans >, ; Differentiation of ; Id

nites, 3; The Sc Soda-f from the Berkeley Hills, Cal., 602; The New Island off Pantelleria— a Correction, 603; Friedel’s Cours de Mineralogie, 698 ; be- tween Atomic Weight and Crystal Angles, 699 ; = age from Corn- wall, 700; Eudialite from the Kola Peninsula, 700; Ejected Blocks of Monte Somma, Bh Phonolites from the Black Hills, 702; The Ori- gin of n Iron Ores, 708; The Tonalites of the Rieseferner, 703; Nepheline-Melilite Rocks of Texas, 799 3 Eleolite-Syenite from Eastern ario, 800; Crystallization of Ena argite, ; Crystallization of parry and Meta. scolecite cng Crystallization of Herderite, 871 Composition and Related Physical Properties of Topaz, 871; Composi- tion of Chondorite, umite, and Clinohumite, 872 $: Leucite from ilizati cl

1894.] Contents.

a oma in Gypsum, 876; New Sulphostannate from Bolivia, 877 ; te from Franklin Furnace, 877; Zirkel’s Petrography, 946; In- ee in Volcanic Rocks , 946; he sig Leap gee a the Adirondacks and of the Lake Tira Region, 947; The Augite Granite of Keka- quabic Lake, Minnesota, 948; Composite Dykes oy ae 1019 i An- alysis of „Clays, 1019; The Phonoiites of Northern Bohemia, 1 ra

Zoology. Pipa dallit sp. nov., 66; Changes of Plumage in the Bobo- link, 66; On three new genera of Characinide, 67; Descriptions of ill Rodents from California and Oregon, 67; Zoological = 71,187, 271, 350, 437, 526, 614, 890, 1046; New Ma ina 72; Reap- pearance ofthe Fresh-water Me jusa Lim crag he rbit 181; Desert: tion of a New Genus and eve of ct e Rodent from the sd ted States, 182; Descripti on of a New Per oo ats collected by J. K Townsend in 1834, 185; The “italy of ca, 269; The Pro- duction of Sound Am mane the Ants, 270 ane of Herbivorous Animals, 345 ; Cladoceran Se an 345; ne oe of the Harvestmen, 345; Range of Placos sy » 846; The Scales of Toshia, 346 Mammalia of Mt. Pon o, 347; The “came of Thibet, 348; Re- production of the ines a 431; a in Hydroids, 431; The Parietal Eyes, 432; East African Reptiles and Batrachia, 434 ;

ag n Lake, Wis

807; Rotatoria of the Great Lakes, ; The atarsa Anatomy and

Relationship E Pauropus, 810; Thysanura from the Cave of Central

France, 811; ea ofa Comparison o of Antipoda a pine 812; The

Carotid, Thymu: he ee oid o

Indiana, 958, Termi jaaa Nerve Cell, 1041; Structure of "Clepsine, 1041; A New pe ee kansas s, 1042; A New Bassalian type of Crabs, 1043; Note on ‘he ihe aie th of Hyla gic ielerens in New Jersey, 1045; Yolk Nailsi


of Cyma! sage Ellis and Everhar’s North American Fu ungi, 63; A Synopsis of er Groups of the Vegetable ng = Aine 63; The Number of a 173; New Book on Ferns, 180; Holophytes and Hysterophy- tes, 343; The Microdrganisnis of E siraga 343; What is mds derma? 496; The so-called *‘ Russian Thistle,” 427 ; Thaxer nagro of the Laboulbeniaceae, 605; Abnormal Plant Growths, 706; he Approaching Meeting of the Assoc. =. Sci., 706; The "Com ela of Coulter’s Texan Flora, 707; Dr. Kuntze’s E Studien, 1030; Notes on the Trees of Northern Nebraska, 1034; Mess ;

rs. Rand and Redfield on Nomenclature, $ ical Ne Embryology.—Embryo of Sponges, 73; Development o Newt, 76; xperimental raaa Arna , 79; Formation of the Anne Eye, 80; Clea Format f Organs, 272; Experimental

Soca: 352; p rebima of rye cornea, 353; Development


viii The American Naturalist. [Vol. XXVIII,

of Sponges, 439; Oökinensis in on maximus, 528; Earthworm Phylogeny, tnd "Determination f Sex

Entomology.—Evolution and bsg omy, wy Habits of Halobates 84 ; Pupation of Gyrinus oa Dinew s, 85; Hermann August Hagen, 86; E omo- logical Notes an news, 86, 195, 445, 535; North American Dacian. pidae, 189; Peculiar Oviposition of an Aphid, 190; Pupal Develop- ment ar Color in Imago, 191; Studying ‘Insect Histories, 192; Biology of the Apple Aphis, er paca in Cecidomyia, 194; Flights of Dragon Flies, 194; nivorous Tipulid, 195; The Four-lined Leaf- Eres (Ilustrated), gy Indiana Orthoptera, 281; A Curious Hemiptero Ameriaan Membracidae, 283; Colors of Lepidopterous Sain ‘esa, pr of Arseniteson Caterpillars, 284

;M , 534; New York Reports, 535; The Pear-Leaf 2e ter, 616; Habits of the Leap- ing of Southern Georgia, 618 ; Note on the Winter Ant, 619 ; North merican Centophili, 893; The Plume Moths, 893; New Use of Bi- sulphide æ apa 894; Mimicry in Diptera, 894; Description of a ew Pelecinus from Tennessee, 895; Flight of Locusts, 896 ; Biology 3; Embryoni i

id Larvae, 1060; Soci cono he Hive Bee, 1060; Notes on mpshire Lepidoptera, 1 emiptera of Buffalo.............. Psychology.—The Recidivist, 537; Mutualists, 713; The Habit of ipee nimals, 898 ; Subjective Defense in the Low Animals,

minal Skull, 958; The Habits of pre eae opacum,

; Habits of Ophibolus getu ENA mes

Physi ee of Viper Poiso: n, 620; T he Secretion a Urea. Archaeology and Ethnology.—The Plateau Implements , of Southe n England, ; Plistocene Gravel Specimens in in Spain, 89; The Mia kauaks of

of American and Prehistoric l the University of Pennsylva- nia, 355, 626; The Trenton Gravel tho 357 ; . W. Boy Dawkins on Paleoli lithic Man in Eur 448; Tobacco Pipes in Shell

; an Italy, 971 ; The Age of Certain Stalactites, 1063: ; Indians Mining Lead, Mieroscopy.—Orienting Small Objects for Sectioning and « Fixing them i arin ial

PROCEEDINGS OF SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES 93, 197, “sa wis ei oe ScrENTIFIC News 95, 203, 287, 367, 460, 550, 630, 722, 830, 906



977 978.




BALONE or Haliotis Shells s Toi Coast: M.

jie ens Tarer Z COPt isee 512 Action of Leuc arska toward For- eign Substances... .....seerseseee Adams, C. C., Kana Explora- MAG A aaao esris ccceseses Toe F., Age of Certain Stalac- EMERE NAPERO 063 piee of Lord Salisbury.......... 782 Aerial Roots of Acer Canes m, L. Age o Plistoce Fauna Spe BS of ‘be Central lateau of F AgrioChceruS.....+serseesseseressesesees so D M, Courtship Among 35 Alant poe Franklin Furnace.... 877 | A lien, Dr. H 208, 978 | et Laboratory dipe idirin 250 TE EO scout 552 | pams A Violan from St. Mar- | CEE O 422 American ar coe Aav: Sis- 781 | gee gen dv. Stk, | ER 25 | Apaia T ‘cal Soci 199 American Society of eai Ai 197 American Tertiary Aphide. .......:. 881 Amblystoma opacum, habits o 969 morpha microphylla. Pursh.... Amusement Among the Lower im: i 89. Analyses of Cl 1019 Ancestors api 41 Ancient American = k reai 716 Ancient Conglomerates......+.....+++ 1021

Spg jers t Rocks of Soni Fin-

haimil Mechanics. Manly Miles 5

AnorthoclaSe ...---++++++-sesceeeenesees 421 ntarctic Exploration. C. C.

ica Glee] N E 693

Antenne in Trilobites Vesta sike byyy 266

Antennal Sense Organs of Insects. r Annual Report R i of the en

Geological Survey, 1890-91. 336


Te lae aea rtof Minnesota Nat-

ral History Survey for 1892.. 593 Kigu Report o ew Jersey Geol. Surv. for 1892..........+ 6 Aphidæ (fossil) 881 Aphis mali. Fabr. sessie sesser - 193 Aphyocarax agassizii 612 peidame es. 612 ris . 612 Arachnida » NTEN R a 350, 1047 Ara gonite 42. Archeology and Ethnology, 89, 355, 446, 622, 716, 821, 902, 971 Arctic Geology. ......ssesesesseceeerers 52 Arsenite jes n Caterpillars, Effect of.. 284 Arthropoda........scsseseeseee enseeeere 187 pee of Me. l Helens. sissies- shm ice ee copay a of North American Precotrypidia sales 189 Asiphoiie LESS 7 OSTAS Sires D ei 67 Atelodus bicornis 45 Atherinoid he 08 Atmosphere asa Factor in Dyna- cal Geology VaN. 953 Atta Sainte 618 clar 619 Atienuition of Viper Poison......... 620 Aue one pota used for. AE 873 Augite Gra f bic Min nn Augite, Hoor Glass form of.......-- EE ipepe, descrip- S. N. Rhoads........ 182 Auriferous Slates of the Sieve Ne- PAE ee 414 hen E E A venees 171 gee EB. —Neolamarck- and Neodarwinism........ Whence came the Cultivated Beebe berry ? 293 Bag 443 Basic e Dyke at Hamburg, N. J...... 801 Basic Rocks of the Adirondacks ae ad the Lake Champlain Bates, TM —Notes on a Few Shrubs of Northern Nebraska.. 803

x The American Naturalist.

Bates, Notes on at GEE of Rae bras

ern Ne ..... 1034 E nat ETEN ERE care 1049 Bay, ne C.—Hansen’s Microdrgan-

of Fermentation........ ... 343

What i is Micoderin a a? RERE i 426 Bayley, W. S., Review of J.

Roth’s Allgemeine Geologie.. 43

Review of Zirkel’s New Text

Book of Petrography.........+4. yen QOMOEIE -s vein secccsrsave 501

519 gray i fossil) 1057 Bennett, G., Dr. 552 Beraneck’s Studies on the Forma-

tion of the Annelid Eye...... 81 Bessey, C. E.—Botany at Brook-

The Homologies of the Ure-

dine (the Rusts)

The so-called Russian This-


Review of Atkinson’s Stud

of the Biology of Ferns by the

Collodion Method...............

Review of Ellis and Ever-

hart’s North American Fungi.,

anay of Letters of Asa E TAA E AN 153

Review of Zimmer érmann’ s Bo- rene Microtechnique......... 152

ynopsis of th pol ed

Groups of the Vegetable Ki ham: 424 Biology of the Apple aiai s... 193

Biology of the Glow-w iale

Biology of the Horse

Biology in the E? *xas

stsstess 1

iai of

1013 Biological ney at Havana, Illino’ ag Station of the E of Illin Bipes zanaki i sedees6se6 sbresyos Birds of Paradise from Guinea. ead cuio O16 PE of Carbon Remed y for Aph .. 894 Black Earth OF ROM i eas 886 Bobolink, Change of Plumage in... 66 Bodington, A., Parasitic Protoz found in Cancerous Dis 807 Bolitophila luminosi 961 DOMES MAE aires ielan 448 Boring in Eastern Kansas .......... 163

Boston Society of Natural History, 459,

A eeeeeeee

Botany at Brooklyn,.................. 804 Botanical Society of America....... 1013 Breeding Habits of the ec Triclads of Limulus ............. 544 Brusina’s Discovery of a New Fau the Cenozoic Beds near Lagreb, and its Rela- tions with the Recent Fauna of the Cas DOR siccisccavuases 338 Bryaxis gr P ENSE, 6 Bumpus, H n the of oe Rocio the ‘Slide. 721 Butler’s reae Ins Siogaet 43 Butler, A. , The Range o Crossbills in ~ Ohio Valley, wit otes on their unusual Occurrence i i itd so fee ae 36 ACOXENITE aa 520 ambarus faxonii, descrip-

niea aR OAE R oot 042

gea Rocks of Pennsylyania the “Tne Ss to the te ware ges Canfieldite ...... Caro pos Thymus and Thyroid Peaster eck. mean tes 813 Carnivorous Tipid scga Soses» 195 S E R OE SE 797 iis Fossils in France ............... 956 Cocindelid Larvae iaia 060 Cenozoic, 55, 164, 268, 341, 418,

12, 596, 797, 886, 955. ee 1028 Ceutophili of North America........ 89 Central Shell Heaps of the St.

John’s River, Florida, hitherto

unexplo 3 e Bloom-

Beld Moorei a s... 15 oon dpan Adsepiicnn cece reie 71

CNL OLOPAUS MAOLVICUS. 6.0000. 71 +E of | Kometens Animals.. 345

Boln ona eT 424

ice EE E CME O 522 Cetacea (extinct) of Italy............ 98 Change of Color in the Northern

te a E eres EA 890 Chapman, F, M., etter eenst ing Shufeldt tu Ch Birds of Trinidad ............... 592 aracinid from Bea oeu. 67 Characinidz, South American...... 610 Chemico- Physiologica Discoveries the Cell. O iiil een 97 Chicago Expositio 249 Chilostomata from a Jurassic Bed.. 341 Chinch Bug ng CASES. crseceeeeseesees 963 Chloromelanite ............ EDRU AA 425 Chondrodite, , Composition Of s.5; 872 Chondros



Chordata “Chorimycter us

SOOO geBO tees teen eeene

Cicinnurus Gnoliosauras m A

iy Postal Be OE ie cas aspen A

4Cladoceran pits rustacea

Clark, The Meaning of

Tre En

“Clark’ + Mictossogical Method

Classification of the Art Hrona. le

Fee eee eereenseeseens

âA kis

N s E D.

ingsle ification of the Memnettines.. Bee assifica Co

PELA Triassic “Claypole, , The Action „of Leucocytes "toward Forei Substan

a, Stet eof. seteeeneseeees

. Rapid Method of Hardening and Sectionin

LAS —Observations e Distribution of Cocci-

itle Known Jamaican Naturalis, Dr. Anthony Rob-

Thelen tas eoptera at Lower California..... Calar Form «Colo were Formation and its Inver- Citi a Ledan Larvs..... ‘Comparison of p saya oo Composite Dykes on Arr: <Comstock’s Evolution ko Taxon:


Seer e weer eres eet eee

my... CA Effects ka Sasan Sousaey of the Glacial Epoch... Co ESSEE Swedish Mine bal

Cook’s ig epee to Giai a A Cope, E. p —The Classification 4 Ga

Ea a of Evolution "5 the | rare ra and Species of u ar ery sigh tla i genus Uma.


Orme a zE

q e oy Division of the

National Academy of Sci-

On the Species of Himan- todes, Review of _Brinton’s Begin-

ning of Review of Holder’s Louis (ieee? His Life and

sais of Marsh on Tertiary Artiodactyla review of Scott on the Mam

a of the Deep River

POO ee eee eee eee eenes

= et a a

shit whe Seeley on Fossil II., Pareiasaurus; i '



a n a 5ng £. ° a © 5 g

Courtship among the Flies. J. M. Aldric


Crategus coccinea. L.

Credner, Dr Cretaceous Area North of the Colo- rado

pree eas ciate: E ES Er System in Canada..... : Criminal Skall Jas. Weir, Jr Criti some Cases of Fesi ent "iein of eh tions. Dr.O. von Rath....... Crittenden, P. H., Some co-Physiologi ical coveries Regarding the Cell... Crustac 891 Caatersbns cinico, Clark. ...,...0. Cycadedea, Buckland .. Cylindrite Cytological Methods


ALL, W. H., heterna

Cause of Folds i in Aper-

ture of the Shell of ‘Gane. tet

ana, Pro Dates of issue of the NATURALIST;. Davis, G. C., The Rabbit, Bot Fly

Destruction of the Palisades......... Determination of Sex

630 1013





Tiessen of the Brachial ena n Diclasma and Z

Deel opment of the Wing of Sterna wilson: V. L. Leighton

Devonian Deposits in Northern Californ

sca 02 ag tak from New

Dabas Pie Rio Janeiro, yee Dinhas Tuffs in Minnesot:

S halordy

Didelphys canescens Differentiation of Rock Magmaas..... Diopside

Dipodomys parvus ; PS = Coccide, T. D. A.

as ponte oryztvorus. Dolichopodi SW ste ena Li Drainage of the Gre t Lakes into the Mississippi River a Wa of Chicago, 3p Drain alap of the e Upper Ohio Basin. Drift Boulder containing Fossils...


Drumlins, Ori Duration of the Glac Dura

1 Epoch...... tion of i alle :

Spencer Dynamic -Action in Southeastern

Ee vir late tl ar frie

Effects of ge in Crystalliz- = Soluti

CHOP Rae eee serra rens

Elasmosaurus intermedius...ccccs-.. Eleolite Rocks from Trans-Pecos,


Eleolite Syenite from Eastern On- tario

Eleventh Annual Report of keg Director of the U.S. Geo

eee eee eee

Peewee eeeewe

parvus... eh Ellis and Everhart’s ‘North Aaa can Fungi. C. E.B

Emébaphias circulosus....


The American Naturalist.


Embryology, 73, 272, 352, 439,

710 ae of Cyclas cornea ..... 353. Embryology of Sponges. H. V. Wilson 73 Paoa Development of Tor- 961 Em 204 tacos, Crystallization (E E - 870 Euchirotes biporu. Cope eiei 436. Endialite from the Kola Penin- 00 Energy of Evolution. E. D. Entomology, 82, 189, 279, 442, 532, 616, 816, 893, 961........ 1050 Entomological News, 86, 195, 284, 535. Entomological Notes, 86, 195, 284, 535 Ketcinatogiean Society of Wash- . ingt on 629 Epididymite 6l Eruptive Granite of Dartmoor...... 04 Eruptive Granites of Maryland.. 517 Eruptive Rocks of Cape Bonita, ebiscocnwans 19 are > Rocks of Point Bonita, 42 Erupti ve meaty in Michigan ,...... 421 Eruptive Rocks in Minnesota...... 511 eanue side Rafinesque.... 641 957 Pe rite 19 Evidences of a Submergence of beet rn Europe at i oa close f the Glacial Period......,..... 161 Evolution of the Art of Weine, in 997 Expert rien Recenter. UEN, 352 Extramorain tesseesereseee 955 Eyes of the Fatis entiris is 345 P Gland in Orni- aen and its Secre- Fichi M., Translation ot the Rules of Nome clature adopt- ed by the International Zoo- logical Co oscow, Russia, 1892 929: Fishes, 351, 960............ 1048. Flights of Dragon-Flies .............. 194 ; Fligh f Locusts aces” es Collection from _ 1028 Fluid ‘Enclosures ' in Sicilian Gyp- 874

Food 1 Habit itot the Plesiosaurs

eae eee


Foraminifera, Precambrian.........

Forbes, H, O

Formation of the Annelid Eye......

Fowke, G. Norse, Remains in the a ighborhood of Boston Bay.. ckeite

Freshwater ea sheng Drift at

Fusus toril. ©

pan K Microscope and Mi- copical Methods.......... Gailenreuth Cave in 1894. Ee,


getul: u.

Habits s TA sage gad List of Ophid

‘Ae abe of Ophibolus

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Geology of the Antarctic Conti-

Geology of Bathurst, N. S. W Geology of Conanicutt Island, I

Geology of India Gaston of om s aller airius Geology ntology, 50, 158, 263, 388, “ul, 508, 594, 798, 878, 950.. pene of ve Roc the po Athebese oe ar News. Genel,

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Arch ean, 163, 4 Paleozoic, 54, ae oe 5i,

796, Geological iaai of America...... Geological Survey of Pennsylvania Geological Structure of the Mount ree of the Ta-

Geologic T "rime s as Indicated by the je ary Rocks of North Saeco aul “Tinvels, 46, 503.. Gill, T.—An Australasian Sub- ee nily of Fresh-waler Atheri- T es Lepidosirens and Bdellosto-

ry New Bassalian Type of

st pareen is > dies iia: Glacial Dam and a Limit to t

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icine Period Effect on Present

Fauna of North America


Globular Granite in Finland......... Gneiss Gold Chloride Formic Acid Sta ing of Sectio ei ae Fixation in Sublimate Alcohol........... Gold p aiie Ç;


Gopher Frog, Scan GE cash cecsntys Gordon, Dr. Grand Falls o fLabe PROT se civsese-

Granite Inclusions in a ASh of Oberlausitz..........

Granite of Santa ta Lucia, California,

anda new Rock Variety, Car-


Gratacap, i Faà kamani cian In-

tensity of Faun Greenland Insects Greenstone Dy ay Of. nesses Gregory’s Translation of Loewin- -Lessi

Extermination of Reck-form

ing M Grobben, Dr E: Gromia nie arg, nee AN S &


-Guthrie s ZPT: Second Edi-

tion of. Glypholycus bicolor Gypsum ‘* Cloche”

ABITS of le os Se Ie a ae Haeckel hafta Set ree ST 460 Hancock, J. L. Unusual —— = e Grouse Locust lateralis Say) in Aona Tilinois. Ornithophilous Pollination. ...; The Whit-warked Tussock- Moth in oe and OE a a rapid

Oo of.

Hargitt, C7ŢW a Perigonimus Jonesi, ahydroid pe said pring Harbor,

patie ty on me Island. ..363

Harvey, F. L. Notes ona af: Simocephalus, sessosss. +o

Hasskarl, J

Hatch’s F paee BOE OR E E

Hatcher, On oo i

ptori n the Geology of of the Region. Hinmetenaiite.;

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Heckson, S. J-

Hemen wey Co

= eect No aT kai 436 ichorda......

Hemiptera. of Buffalo. and

tasara in Gabb

eaei crystallization OE an

Hertwig's Studies of the paras Organs.

Hexa Ffolcostephanus deanstt.ceces coccvess oti Jossularis SB OTE R Hol s and Hysterophytes. ..

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Hom mologie Uredineae, = E.

ene s Marbles and Limestones of A

Hoplides hat

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u System of Descriptive Terms..


pinatra of Utah, origin of... et Manne lea Hypnotism

| agen Duration of....... edo

yaar of Salamanders in urare, Inclusions i in Volcanic Rocks....... Indiana Academy of Science Indiana Orthoptera


Injurious i “nee of England nsects Vi one Internal forera and Relationship

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of Pauropus, F, C. Kenyon... my L Gmnlogiei 1 Congress Sorta ang emp a Dykes in Gran- ite . Iron-haematoxylin and Centroso- m- Fi Tron Triani Of MotGlecks vec ccc, Tsotypi JAROSITE J Jayne, H

The American Naturalist.

Johason, C. W. Trio a ag in the p anii pom e Juniperus communis Lisceresserereese

AN or Yat Pe Quarterly... PEREA 9 Jr-- OCC eee sete

Peer eoreas

Scales of Lepidosteus........... ig ie A the Pani TN Kraus Kingslcy, T z e Classification

of the Arthropoda............++.

Origin of the qos Skele-


L ace ciate 5

Dr. Lamellar! ap ik in yee Crys-

Lacon near the Shap Gran- ite Mass.

Land-connection between New J Long Island.........

AE E 380 Stbtt of

Win g of Sterna wilson

uroid ( Extinct) phase Madea

odendron CSNOSLENSE. 000. eons a era of New Heed gy Lepidosireus and Bellostomids, T Gill

Lepus ameri

Leucite Ew Jersey onsas ins

Lignites of Southern Chili...........

Limits of geting Experiments, Manly Miles

Limnocodium in the Shef-

eld Botan Ti Dr. G... Lop cus mauritianus M.-


j APEE T PEPEE EER Lo nae Mammals near Ly-


a Dee Luminous Organs 3 of Histiot rueppelli

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Lydekker’s eee Chapters a Footed Aii

ACKINTOSHITE......-..s0005 Malaspi

na Glacier

ee TEETER OA E T RR, a 271, 960 of Mt. Pocono, W. A em apes ot} Rio Grande del Sul..

Mammoth in n Canada and Alaska..

Mori c 5, “On the Vertical Distribution of Pelagic a in Green Lake, Wisc

Meee ut Martha's Vineyard.. aie esis ck. Mead, hs S. The Ornithology of

w Guinea ai S. Mead...... Mead, G. S. Bir

dise fro S Gii A TERESAN Meaning of Tree. Tife, H. L. Clarke 465, Measurement of Crystals,............ Meberkohlem-sandsteine in China, McGuire, J. e Non-exist-

ence of Paleolithic Culture..

Mechanica! keg paan in the


of the She

mi ities N TA Dal is sasisases

Me ane S. E. Description a Cam- VUS j AXON.

Description of Etheostoma pa-

Me cea dae of North Ameri Memoirs of the praep pek my of ae

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Indian Corn in Assisii Indians Mining ch rs et ea pe Se Cave in 1894.......

f. Boyd Da kins on Paleo-

: iithic asa i TD ROP G cece nccase-s Caas = Field ork a the

of Am. aud Pre-

historie Archaeology of the Univ. of Pi

Quaternary ibe in Speci-

The bhi Gravel Discus-

PC Sect nae in the Skull of Primor- Fi

ial Fishes Method of Imbedding in a Mixture Celloidin and Paraffine......

267, 341, 417,

of . Mesozoic, 54, 163, 12, 797, 886.



399 1049 7 188 348 513 544

‘Natural Scie

Micas Michigan Fish Commission Work in 1894

Microérganisms of Fermentation...

Microscopy......360, 544, 720, tee

Middle n nian in California


Miles, M, Animal Mechanics Limits of Biological Experi


Milesinus. hong Sti gee Hee TEAN Mim n Di ptera

Mineralugy and Petrography, 57, 166, 514, 597, 601, 698, 702)

799, 870 Mineral Resources of the U. S., 1892

Mineral sf nea

Miocene Bird-Bones

Moenkhaus, W. 7. Vaiiativn of Behinik caprodes Rafines-

Mollusca, 71, 187, 271, 851, 438, 526, ’891, 960


Moore, C. B. Central Shell Heaps

of the St. John’s ah th! , Flor- ida, hitherto unexplo ae pipes i in Shell “Heaps

of the Moore, J. z Tie andersonii in New Morgan’s Experimental Studies on Teleost Eggs Mutualists, J. Wier


=e Academy of Scien-

nce e of Staten Island...202, 363, 452,

PRMCPOIDIE e ss, coe cos saeeeoses ses Renee: Dr AK: E. 367, Bentley, R

hm, a Boehm, T Chabry, Dr Danielssev, D auld Se aes 2 fos t; P. 5 p gen BE ga Atl 203, a Gumpenbers, C Von: eae Ha agen ae, 86,

Halfer, A

The American Naturalist.

xvi Hasskarl, J. K 462 Heider, Dr. A 552 Hyrtl, Dr, J 725 Klipstein, A. von. seeeteneeeen eens 7 Knop,: Dr, A..<.:... EET 551 Lockwood; Dr Boii iseni 289 Marshall, Prof. pn ..203, 287 Middendorf, Bie. Fo VOR, 462 Nill, J 726 is Bo Putt Reshenswon 367 Passerim, 367 ean "Vilanova.. siressa -OB im 552 Rink, H. S ARL S TEE 552 Romanes, Ge Joxan 630 Saocki, FOE Assisin '552 wab, R. von 367 Spruce, R a a n .461, 551 tur, D 203 Ulrich, Dr. F 550 Undeet, Dr. Q Mo eana 552 seler, J 451 mw Beneden, Pe Tiaa 287 Williams, G. H 4 Wrzesniowski, Prof. A......... 552 Néocomian Invertebrates............... 7 Neolamarckian Theories of Evolution........... 292 Neolamarckism and Neodarwinism. L. H. Bailey io OBL Neotoma arizone 271 intermedia 69 ochroura 67 ecidomyia............: 194 Nepleine: Melilite Rocks of Texas = Ne ptu Neutral v heoa Acid Fixatives for 5 ei 97. New a gaea ae age of......... 341 New Island oft Pantelleria........... 603 ew Mammals ‘ical Trinidad 72 New Minerais. ooo. ries 56 ew Red Horizons............... a per Mendacity................ 37 adana Dictionary of f Birds, B 334 New Yor i 246, peh 629 om cae da vlan Whine 859 Nickel O 516 Niobrara Rocks i in eee Denie 164 Nitra lineolata Heilpri 912 Nomenclature of a sonal M oa i Koris, W. W 1013 Norse Remains near Boston Bay, G. Fowke. Notes on a Species of las. F. L. Harvey.......cccore0. 395


Numerical Intensities of Faunas, Ee P. Gratacap A

752 À arinin YX Ees Orgyia leucostigma in Chicago, 326 po Smail En for Sec- 360 Orig Pac n Iron Ores 703 Origin of of Pelagic Life (from W. E7 585 Origin of = pa Pennsylvania Anthra- kourissa 160 Origin of the Subterranean F aunaof America, A. S, Pack-

seses. 727 Origin p the M epai Skeleton,

. S. Kingsley 632 Odkinensis i x Limax maximus, F.

. Washburn 528 Ophidia oe near Seo Ind. 958 Ophibolus getulus, habits Pe e.e» 969 Optical Cee sof Topas. naca 423 Optical Methods 598 arig of New Guinea. G.S.

Mead - 889 a Pollination. J. L. insani 679 P deroa: of Se ape CKY se eeee eens 1 OryZomys COSLATICINEES. cececcececceces 72