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1904. Battery, Storage - Foreign - Bergmann, Sigmund (D-04-05)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the patenting, manufacture, and marketing of Edison storage batteries in Germany. Most of the items are letters and telegrams exchanged by Edison and Sigmund Bergmann, a longtime Edison associate who, with the backing of the Deutsche Bank, formed the Deutsche Edison-Accumulatoren-Co. in November 1904.

Approximately 95 percent of the documents have been selected. The items not selected consist of a Bergmann letter regarding the battery jars of competitors; a letter from Edward H. Johnson in Berlin acknowledging his receipt of checks; a shipping receipt; and items that duplicate information in selected material.

V? t CL . 0oV^lo c

"Vvv^aMAi . '

S-^wcL a. ^oJsj ^^A-^CJU^L^


a'w'°-^J * ocAx-c


^^^A^cs/fe s - i «r P.'Vvv



_ . _ J^-flM.. < 1- 1^0.4...

'vT ' . ^-cd*_/0 .©~v<\-_^

JL&^d\ _ \J2^^L^slaAJ-^ . .

_^-«j£Jn vro^v-oa,.

_ ft^.c|^AA-cLM.


<'.e£JjLe!fL ■p-TW'-'V a^oO. L/pvi C , (? rrtaJL^-Au.

Sept. 30,1904.

3.. Bergmann, Ksq. ,

1 h^rajjy authorize you

rou to initiate, oarry forward and

oonolude negotiations^ for the exploitation of the kdison Storage Battery in Germany, Auotria, anil Hungary on the following condi tlone: A German corporation will he organized with a capital of $750,000. which capital shall he subscribed for in cash at not lean than par and shall he paid in hy calls as needed for the equipment, mainten¬ ance and operation of a suitable factory or factories in any one or

more of said countries

a may ho naosssary.

hen said corporation

is organized arid its stock ouhsoi'lhod for, I will make a oontraot with said corporation, granting to the coma the sole and exolusive and non-assignable license under all of my storage battery patents in Germany, Austria and Hungary (per schedule A attached hereto) and applications for battery patents now pending in said countries (per sohedule B attached hereto) f and also \wder any patents or applica¬ tions in said oountries for improvements vhioh 1 may make on said '-^batteries within ten years from the date of said oontraot. The li¬ cense will also inolude patents in said countries made by any of my (/assistants on said battery which may be assigned to me. 1 will also transfer to the Compuny my license under German Patent Ho. 132,514

^which I nov? own. In consideration for Bald oontract, and license agreement, the company will pay me or my assigns a royalty of sixty oents (60 centa) payable quarterly, on each standard Edition cell of 18 plates, 24 pockets per plate, manufactured during the life of any of said patento and a correnponding royalty at the same rate per 18 ' plates on other Edison cells which said company may manufacture. Out of the actual earnings of the company, after the payment of said royalty, the stockholders shall ha paid a dividend of 6 per cent on the invested cash capital, and after the payment of said dividend any surplus earnings shall he distributed in the proportion of two- thirds ' ^to me or my assigns and one-third to the stockholders. After all of the patents shall have expired, as contemplated in said license agree¬ ment, the royalties shall cease, but the surplus earnings over and above 6 per cent on the oash capital shall continue to be distributed l/ as above provided. The company will agree not to increase its oapi- ■/'tal, nor to consolidate with or purchase any other company nor to sell l/Che said contract, nor impair it in any way, nor to purohaBe or manu¬ facture any other artiole than the Edison storuge battery, nor use its earnings for increasing the capacity of its plant, nor Shall It go into the business of ranting batteries, nor enter into any obliga¬ tions beyond its oapaolty to pay therefor from its cash capital, unless directly authorized to do so by myself or my assigns. The right to nominate and have elected two-fifths of the Board of Directors or Executive Members of said Company, shall be given to myself or my assigns so long ns the Company may exist. The Company will agree not

to sell Edison Batteries for export to any other country than Germany, Austria or Hungary, nor^to sell to persons, firms or corporations who do an exporting "business out of said countries, unlees with the (^express permission of myself or my assigns . I will agree that in the sale of any rights under the Edison "battery patents in other European countries to insert corresponding provisions in any license agreements, prohibiting exportation into Germany, Austria, or Hungary. ^Tha company will agree that in the event of any patent suit brought by or against the company, the conduct thereof shall be controlled by myself or ray assigns with such counsel as may be selected in collaboration with any counsel that the company may desire, and that the entire expense of such suits shall be assumed by the company.

S\ will agree to furnish at cost drawings of any improved raaohinery for manufacturing the batteries, which 1 may make during the existence flf said contract. Until suitable facilities are provided by the com¬ pany for manufacturing the active chemical materials neooosary for the battery, 1 will agree to furnish said chomioals to the oompany at a profit of 25 per cent over and above actual oost. At present 1 can furnish these active materials at about $1.30 for eaoh standard Edison 18-plate oell, but I believe that in a short time thiB figure oan be materially reduced. The contract in question will provide y'that there shall be an accoimtlng jwMxj profits annually, to be de¬ lta mined by public accountants^ and that the books of the company shall at any time be open to inspection by mo or- my assigns on reasons able notioe. Provision will also be made for a report to me of the business dona by the oompany onoe a month. Finally, there will be

the usual provision in the contract providing for its termination without prejudice to any claim which 1 or my asaignoomay have against the company, upon the failure of the company to carry out the terms and conditions thereof.

Since Mr. H.E. Dich has a general contract with me for the sexploitation of the Edison battery in Europe, 1 have secured helow his acceptance and conf innation of this letter.

Yours vary truly,

>J.£. .


1 have read the above letter in rhich Mr. Edison authorizes Mr. Bergmannto provide for the e^loitation of the Edison battery in Germany, Austria and Hungary, and consent to the Bama. So far as , Germany, Austria and Hungary are concerned, 1 withdraw in Mr. Berg- mann’a favor.

October 1, 1904,

S, Bergmann, Baa.,

Berlin, Germany.

Dear Sir:-

I figure out the profits which tho Go naan Company will in all probability make:

If the footory makes 300 cello (IS-plate) par day, costing wa will say - $6. per cell and selling for $10. which is the price we sell in Amarioa, the gross profit for one year of 300 days should be #360,000. Deducting the royalty of 60 cants per cell, amounting to #04,000. there remains #306,000. Deducting six per oent dividend to the stock¬ holders on the oapital which is #48,000. there 'remains #261,000. One-third of this amount going to German Company is #87 ,000. Therefore the gross profit to German Company is fi per cent Dividend #45,000.

Proportion surplus profit 87.000.


approximately 17-1/2 per oent on the stook. - In my opinion the proposed oapital is sufficient for a factory including chemical works for manufacturing 600 cells daily} in that case the surplus profits going to the German Com-

Dividend 6 per cent 045,000.

Proportion of surplus n rof i ta!74 .000 .


or approximately 29 per cent on the capital stock.

(Signed) Thomas A. Edison.




Machine Department.

Continuous Current Generators and Motors


fevv DEPT. M.



BERLIN, n. 26th Oct. 1904

Thomas A. Edison, Esq., Orange, H.J.

My dear Edison,

for Direct Coupling and Bolt Driving.

Special Motors wltli Wide Range Speed Regulation for Driving Rotary Printing Presses, Cranes, Lilts, Calenders and Paper Machines. Motor-Dynamos, Balancers, Boosters. Automobile Motors.

Alternating Current Machinery

tor nil Standard Voltages and Periodicities.

Generators, Motors and Transformers

lor Single, Two andThrec Phase Current.

We arrived here all in good health and spirits and I started at once to go tfiethe Deutsche Bank and explain your contract letter.

They have agreed to everything exoept the clause for division of the surplus profitB, i.e. two-thirds to you and your associates and one-third to the stook holders. They want this divided half and half, and I have agreed to this. I am satisfied to saorifioe uy share and X telegraphed to Dick to drop his part of these surplus profits and take

Controllers and Resistances lor operating Cranes, Hoists and Lifts with Direct and Alternating Current Motors.

Starting and Regulating Switches

for Direct and Alternating Current Motors and Generators.

Electric Ventilators Exhaustors

High Pressure Blowers Ventilating Fans

tor Direct and Alternating Current.

our chanoe on the 60 oents per cell. I have had no reply from Diok yet.

There is-one more little deviation from your oontraot whioh must he agreed to, that is there is no provision made for writing off a certain amount for depreciation an machinery, buildings, etc. which is here by law required; from 1 to 2 % on buildings and from 6 to 10 % on machinery and tools- Thin, of course, comes only out before the surplus profit. is paid and will not Interfere .with the 60

BERGMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,

I have, with your permission, put gilmore on to the B°&rd> so you will be three and the bankers and some other high-class men will be five. The executive committee will consist of one Director of the Deutsche Bank, one from a Dresden Bank, my son-in-law, Mr. Psohorr, the President of my Company, a prominent corporation lawyer here in Berlin, Mr. Dirksen, and one or two more prominent men whom I have not deoided upon yet. They are all of high class standing and wealthy men. The stook will be subscribed at 110 and I have hard work to fight off my friends and business man for the subscription I have the amount already three times over subscribed.

It is proposed that a quarter of the capital should be paid now, which will last for 8 or 10 months to come. I will send you the details of agreement with the Deutsche Bank within the next few dajrs, and I am sure you will be very much pleased with what I have accomplished in such a short time.

The first stroke of good luck I had is to find a factory completely fitted out for our work. It is a defunct American machine shop, which was built here three or four years ago for the Garvin Maohine and Tool Co, of Hew York. This conoern busted before they started and this factory has been long idle and part of it rented for ever since. It is fitted, up with a 200 HP engine and dynamo, 220 volts with boiler, elevators, shafting electrically driven (which ny Company, by the way, furnished at the time), benches, offices, in faot as fine a faotory as could be, ooraplete for our purpose. A contract is promised to be signed next Monday. I am going to rent this whole faotory with all the land belonging to it, for five years at the price of j&4,000 per year. For the next few years I oan, if neoes-

BERGMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,

sary, rent two floors to other people, which will hrlng our rent down to about #10,000. This i8 extraordinarily cheap and will save ub six months time in starting. So you see, everything is moving on very satisfactorily, and I only hope you are pushing on the epeoial maohines you are making and send me the balance of the drawings.

The batteries and separate different parts for the oells I received yesterday, and I got them through the customs house for 10 marks per 100 Kg, whioh is very oheap. But I am told that when I import complete batteries, suoh as I have ordered, they will cost M. 24 per 100 Kg, or #6 for 220 American pounds, but even that is not prohibitive.

Please tell Goddard to send me samples of raw material, especially sheet steel, so I oan get prices here on the same. I ordered some of this material, but they must have forgotten it. If I get this faotory I can no doubt start in by the lBt of December, and I wish you would send Rogers not later than the New year over here I will not keep him longer than you wish me to.

I had a oonferenoe with your Patent lawyer, Dr. Sell and he asked me to try to get a Jungner Battery as soon aB possible, as he has got every reason to believe that he is making batteries under your patents, if he makes any,. That would solve, he says, the patent question very quickly, if we oould prove that he is using your system and espeoially the acting material. I hope -p.^ean- get one of these cells before very long.

Please hurry the boys at Glen Ridge to send me some of the oomplete cells which I have ordered as soon as possible, and inorease that order from 500 to 1,000. You had better send me dif-

BERGMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

ferent sizes, tut use your own judgment about this.

Any points in explanation of the difference between your battery and lead batter;ieB you oan give me in your characteristic way will be very welcome. As you can imagine, the load battery crowd in not lying idle in ridiouling and running down your battery. The General Director of the Tutor in Hagen, Mr. Adolf MUller, whom you kno only lately told the directors of the Deutsche Bank and other banks that the Edison battery will never be invented. Well, they will talk different in a very short time.

Will you please push Lancing in Newark for my waggons, which I ordered? I would like to get these over here as soon as possible to start some of the waggon manufacturers to make some of hhese truoks. Later on we will perhaps make them ourselves.

If you think it advisable to order a large truok for heavy traction I wish you would find a good, practical one, and have one ordered for me.

When will the Studebaoker Runabout which I ordered be


By the way, the floor space of the factory which I intend to rent covers about between 6000 and 6000 square meters, whioh I think is big enough to make a thousand cells a day .

Please acknowledge this letter at once.

I am, with kind regards,

P-S. Please give mine and my family's best wishes to Mrs. Edii and the ohildren.

Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,

Orange, N.J.

Bank, and they pointed out that one clausa navUoi? £igllt the patents and the Company to expenses for the same - is unusual and must he altered. X suffice sted +>m+ wo Should either divid^, you ^fd your as so elites !

Company here to pay half.

® think this nothing hut fair. If this

tr^nedr/°* y0U* have't^iimit

aueh Sfvp,/0r fitting the patents to so and 2^sajr ^ento twelve thousand Marks* and what goes heyond this you would have to 1 y°ur?elf- Please let me know tele¬ graph whether you consent to this paragraph.

in i. Things are moving along satisfac¬ tion^ £ wil1 send you a rectified con¬ tract, which as a whole compiles with your

T?6 are of minor im£r- ;

mynie-S t er °of a|ihe §gg 'in-lttea you in

\J /?ours very truly,

X ' " j

cko^'u% pokrtt sad. frcp<vy>c4.- - - -,-- \

_ £c|jU<x(Tv| cUo i d-cc\ _ . . -■-- -------

_ Stcon^ Ward some jx^^etorCt cSoy\ ovy ..

[$0OJ\d y\ cA cle^ e^\dcv rd o v\ _ &fv\^t\>'vvcy . _

AXgc\\.CQ&V<£ of 0?&YgV\ 1 Vv^VU S-v-’VTV fi-VYC. ^ ~3Uv^c\ . VrocvJt. dos<4

RcvY u’^ . 'y\t^otv.(^VV\Cl Wl$\ Mo t <?|C>_W_ -

_■ _ -Jjjw 6ttC^f«YVYcL /^CVW<f. i^VVV'-A ;.<^. A^JIM/Sri ... .

^11 \V\ 0 VACt W'rjl-^.VWU^ s/\CC^CM’V<^V/V>C-i $ Wfe^.twvV -

. , p V> -6-^fl r^r

5 ud 'Wx.vy o^ its. \y\u^f- '^\oA<<iYV ?f-|).<y\vv\\<2A^o-fi <Yv> cow^ u^-ecyv6 c >j^JK^yoX_%. vaj.o-6 "vvtft* - 5.c.oa\o\imc<xP

VCacCA dlO\$VOY\ V/iCU> 'Vvvoy?. ^cC\T \fCcuA CP^.\y<ias\<L<i o v\ ^ ^ vMv.^ct-c-e- />V\tyw-8 d. .

^ CKc\*_t1 _jCo_ o-yv'^


\1k£A< X/> VSelVlV^ V^. C^-W aa^4^A ^<a-UJ

iTo Vv^gt

CLuvOU evol ve A <?v\ ^ Cccxov^vvtX^

Y* e-ovd" ^ ^CtvvLy .pJU^vtf «*** H ; ^'vJr ^cU-^pCUi /M^r-u-%-,

V\ o:w.oV J>_ov

aWi; 0MAVV



LIEBERS CODE and ABC, 4th. & 5th. Edition.



Continuous Current Generators

for Direct Coupling and Belt Driving.

Special Motors

with Wide Range Speed Regulation for Driving Rotary Printing Presses, Cranes, Lifts, Calanders and Paper Machines. Motor-Dynamos, Balancers, Boosters. Automobile Motors.

Alternating Current Machinery

for all Standard Voltages and Periodicities.

Generators, Motors and Transformers

for Single, Two andThreePhase Current. Controllers and Resistances

for operating Cranes, Hoists and Lifts with Direct and Alternating Current Motors.

Starting and Regulating Switches

for Direct and Alternating Current Motors and Generators.

Electric Ventilators Exhaustors

High Pressure Blowers Ventilating Fans for Direct and Alternating Current.

Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,

Orange. N.J.

My dear Edison,

The contract has been signed for the renting of the factory, subject to buy, as per my letter ofOot, 26th.

The stock has been considerably over-subscrib ed at 110. The above I have already written you Oot. 28th.

I have telegraphed you the following:

"ShUl amount of atook Is subscribed at one htmdrsd tsn tieutsoho Bank has agreed to rmy* thing as stipulated in your letter with the following exceptions, glrstly; the cost of patent suits, it being not customary that Company should bear any expenses. I have agreed subject to your approval that suoh expenses be divided half and half. Seoond: German law stipulates that after the first year members for executive committee are elected by stockholders in yearly meeting. You and your people will of course always be elected as long as we control fifty one per cent of stock. Third : after paying sixty oents royalty

BERQMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

Thomas A. Edison , Esq.,


per cell and six per cent to stockholders the surplus profit must he divided half to Edison and half to company, division as proposed hy you considered prohibitive according to German banking laws. X will agree to waive my share if necessary. Fourth: German law further stipulates that after paying first royalty (which is sixty centB per cell in your case) an amount of not less than five per cent and not more than ten per cent must be put in reserve fund out of profit every year before stockholders can receive their six per cent and before surplus can be divided as per contract, such reserve fund however being limited , to ten per cent of amount of full capital. Fifth: Sworn public accountants are appointed here by the courts according to law and individuals interested in company o an net nppoiat agrae* to. all thee* unavoidable

point* subject to your approval bo eoblo your aceeptanoo.

I further advlee Bending contract and power of attorney with Dyer for new company here** whichTIethinkcyau understand thoroughly.

The Deutsche Bank looked upon the proposed contract as a whole very favourably, and are ready to start the Company at once with the above modifications. They pointed out that, firstly, your fighting the patents, attending to lawsuits at an unlimited expense ajifr the Company to pay for it, is unusual, and no financial institution could agree to this.

I then have agreed, subject, of course, to your approval, that the expenses of fighting the patents and protecting our salved against

BERGMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,

others could probably be divided half and half, or have the expenses limited to a reasonable amount, and what it costs over and above, that you and your associates will have to stand. This request is only fair, and I hope that you will accede to it.

Second: You have a paragraph in your letter that you will

have "the right to nominate and have elected two-fifths of the Board of Directors or executive members of said Company" This is against German law, as the executive members (or Aufsichtsrat) are elected by the stockholders at the annual meeting and the executive members appoint the managers or directors of the Company- I pointed this out, if you remember, while X was over there.

They also pointed out that the surplus profit must be divided half and half. As it will, in my estimation, take a oouple of years any¬ how to talk about surplus profits, X have agreed to this, and am willing to saerifiM ty share^ohatowsr 4* asy %oc vut r«*jr upon your doing what to right to ms Aon the business is profitable*

I have telegraphed Dlok on this subject, and he answers that as his proportion Is the smallest he will put himself in my hands.

Furthermore, German law stipulates that after everything, includ¬ ing general expenses Is paid (and your 60 cents per cell royalty would come dpder "general expense") an amount of not less than 5 and no more than 10 % must he put in a reserve fund, before profits are divided to the stockholders and the patentee. Such reservation is however, limited to 10 % of the capital stock. Of course this is the law, and X have agreed to it.

Regarding public aocountants to be appointed by you, they cannot be appointed by anybody except by the Courts who have suoh sworn

BERGMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

Thomas A. Edison, Esq,,

public accountants who must go through the books at least once a year and Inalso had to agree to this.

I have signed contract to rent the factory, which is big enough to employ at least 600 people, with a big lot of land’-' attached to it, for fire years, with the privilege of another fire years if we do not want to buy the property. I have also an option to buy the property at a stipulated price within two years from the first of January next. This factory, as I have written you before, is just fitted up for our purpose, as good as it could possibly be.

It is a six-storly building, and basement, of which one floor is rented at a price of about 03,000 per year. The building is about 175 ft. long and 80 ft. wide. Everything is bran new, has one passenger elevator and one freight elevator; platform scales for weighing coal and material; an extra one-otorey building attached to it which ifjiboj;* so * no J tb«v« n*p*urmfo batfitpe ftr engines and boilers tor at present 800 HP, and room and everything laid out tor another boiler end another £00 HP engine and dynamo.

There are two lines of shafting running through eaoh floor which are direct driven by eleotrio motors; shipping room, pattern rooms, in faot everything as oomplete as money and brains can make it- This factory was built in 1900 to build Garvin Machinery.

You no doubt know the Garvin Machine Co. in New York. The factory was only running for about a year and a half, and has been standing still ever since. Getting this factory at the price I have is the first stroke of good luck in our new enterprise. There is about 4 acres of land attached, which will be plenty big enough if we should want to build a chemical factory later on.

BERGMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

Thomas A. Edison, Es<i.»

Now this is all very good newB .

Now Edison, please hurry up and get me over some of the batteries which I haveoordered, and hurry up the machines for perforating and electric welting.. Also send me the balance of the drawings and all other details.

I have had some talk with the City officials, and one of the right hand men of the Mayor of Berlin told me that the City iB contemplating starting an electric omnibus system in opposition to the electric tramcars which are commencing to be a hindrance and an annoyance in the streets of Berlin. So you see things are coming already our way. I have had the batteries which I brought with me charged, and I find the small 18-plate cell gives as much as the former 27 plate one. This is exactly what you told me the new battery would do.

Please also hurry up the details and drawings for the nlolfl »4aUa» plant, A i W 4: .

I have heard through the newspapers that you haws not been well, and

laid up. Is there any truth in this? X sincerely hope you keep your promise tovme( SAi take a little more oare of yourself, and take it a little easier^ So far as our new enterprise here is concerned, you need not wprry. I axa sure that I can give you good news right along .

I take this opportunity of thanking you for the confidence you have shown to me, and for the chance you are giving me to make some money for you and nyself again, with Borne of your Enterprises. I will do all I can to show myself worthy of the trust you put in me, Hoping to hear from you soon, 1 am, with best wishes.

' You^rVe^jc truly,




LIEBERS CODE and ABC, 4 ill. & 5th. Edition.


Continuous Current Generators and Motors

for Direct Coupling and Belt Driving.

Special Motors with Wide Range Speed Regulation for Driving Rotary Printing Presses, Cranes, Lifts, Calanders and Paper Machines. Motor-Dynamos, Balancers, Boosters. Automobile Motors.

Alternating Current Machinery

lor all Standard Voltages and Periodicities.

Generators, Motors and Transformers

forSingle.TwoandThreePhase Current. Controllers and Resistances for operating Cranes, Holsts and Lifts with Direct and Alternating Current Motors.

Starting and Regulating Switches

for Direct and Alternating Current Motors and Generators.

Electric Ventilators Exhaustors

High Pressure Blowers Ventilating Fans for Direct and Alternating Current.

"Banka agree to everything aa per your telegram name of oompany now being formed to he Deutsche Edison Acoumulatoren Gesellschaft" whioh I hope is satisfactory.

The Banka have finally agreed to your demand for dividing the surplus profite two thirds to you and one third to the Company. The executive Committee will he as I have stated in ny letter of the 31st ult.

The BSuj&ib? vthe Capital is to be paid in as d'H.

soon ae the Company is organized. After November 12th the Company will he formed and everything will he ready to go ahead. Ae soon as X get machinery from Amerioa X am fitting up the shop whioh X have rented for five years with privilege to rent for another five yeare, for the price of #15,000 per year. The shop is big enough to employ from 600 ■to 800 hands, with privilege to sublet what we do not want. I have also the privilege of buying the whole factory, with between 3 and 4 acres of land attached for a certain Bum which will bs stipulated hereafter. This is a very good stroke I made as it will save,. ub a 16t of time and work, as I have explained to

BERGMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,

- you in my last letter.

I have subscribed for you MO, OOO of stock at the same price as the other* tV ft? ‘it, »»* I will hold this for you for say, a year aai a ^l^ and you can take it off my hands then if you . like!, at the price it cost.

Now, as I am ready to start in with good force, you must assist me by sending drawings, specifications, etc, for making special machinery and tools at once, and I am sure if everything goes fairly right, we can turn out batteries here by the first of April or May .

■When will I get some more complete batteries? Don't send any more wooden trays along as I am going to have theBe made here. Please tell the folks at Glen Ridge they must find a different method of packing the batteries. Quite some came here short-circuit¬ ed because they were crushed and the oan has been bent in and the pressure


The round offset on the oan outside is crushed in on ac¬ count of its own weight, and the wooden strap from the tray pressed against it. So it shows the batteries must be packed separate, and not packed into the trays.

Regarding that black varnish which they have put on, the same seems to come off very easily, and the batteries have lost their good appearance on acoount of. that. I am sending you some compound

BERGMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,

which X have tried and I think It suits the purpose; the alkali doei not touch it, and It stick* to the can very well. This stuff is simply melted and .ChFpM a, little and dipped into it. The

enclosed samples of eteel'etrlps are covered with this oompound.

I am sending you by extra post ten pounds of thiB stuff. Simply have it melted and dip the cans. The stuff is very cheap, it oosts about $25 a ton. It comes from the Standard Oil Cp. in America.

I am using this for impregnating my paper .tube yhich«I;*am»manufac- turing in large^q^antd/t;f^^,W*^

I am buying this stuff from a Mr. Livingstone; his addresi y Julius Livingstone ,

Bound Brook, N.J. ^

*lfam buying thousands of barrels of this stuff from.him everyyear ,

BO pleas e^'do vn. r n i sh or lea von Bond.

jy^J^th^next^'ba't't'erieB you send.

■When will I get the eleotrio welting and perforating Maohinea which I ordered when I was over there? All the rest, of

course, X will have ta sales tqrsslf Mrs#

Hoping to hear from you at an early date, I am,


P.S. I am sending dipped metal strips by separate post to-day.

1-1' 1.^-vv ffcX-vC&

VNAOt^wwos «,v«v ^

A-tt *v: 0, u^cLUa^ (




pfli'J-^'Y o3wvl^. S'iv'-pp-'i^ £-*>S.0tV *■

GJ0 i-S> -j-4. 1.0 r)ai<~j^



~0t*“ _ UJ pJaL.

^ 3- Jt^gjdL^A,

- - .y^Cvf. . - _ uAyti^4 <S^n _

_ M fu\v n^iu

O - 3-£r~~LJ C~K

CL/^Ua -CK'oJ? ClJ\.tXJ\ G~i> gJ? ^ UVCrusy


= DEPT. M. r—


BERLIN, n . 17.th Mot. 1904 .


Machine Department.

Thos. A. Edison, EBq. , Orange. H.J.

Continuous Current Generators and Motors

for Direct Coupling and Belt Driving. Special Motors

with Wide Range Speed Regulation for Driving Rotary Printing Presses, Cranes, Lifts, Calanders and Paper Machines. Motor-Dynamos, Balancers, Boosters. Automobile Motors.

Alternating Current Machinery

for all Standard Voltages and Periodicities.

Generators, Motors and Transformers

forSingle, Two andThreePhase Current.

Controllers and Resistances for operating Cranes, Hoists and Lifts with Direct and Alternating Current Motors.

Starting and Regulating Switches

for Direct and Alternating Current Motors and Generators.

Electric Ventilators Exhaustors

High Pressure Blowers Ventilating Fans for Direct and Alternating Current.

% dear Edison,

Enclosed please find letter from the Deutsche Bank, whioh is now going conform! to your letter of Sept. 30th and your cablegram, copy of which is also enclosed.

Everything has been agreed upon. The name of the Company is to be the "Deutsche Edison Aecumulatoren Company" .

The Deutsche Bank agree to subscribe 2 mil¬ lions of the capital, and one million I have had subscribed through other individuals who are intereB ted in electric traction, Buch as automobile truck and waggon builders, electric motor boat builders, and also electric central station people and manufac turers.; and 25 % of the capital is to be paid in at once .

Tbe Company is to be organized atoonoe, and as I have written you before, I am fitting up the factory which I have rented.

Please write me immediately that you are going conform with us, and make out your contract

BERGMANN ELECTRICAL WORKS (machine department).

Thos. A. Edison, Esq.,

with the Deutsche Edison Accumulatoren Company, we presume the name is satisfactory to you.

X am awaiting further drawings and specifications from you. To make this a success, you must help me all you can. Be sure to send Rogers over not later than the middle of January. Also send me some of the batteries at once, which I ordered while I was over there: and it is absolutely essential that you and your people at Glen Ridge are in touch with me here, and give me the benefit of your advice and improvements you are making while I am fitting up and getting ready to manufacture.

I must insist upon my letters being given prompt attention. I have had no answer yet to any